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From an Interview with Farid el-Atrache
Farid el-Atrache
"What speaks for the artist is nothing, but the works that he presents to the public. It is when my music and compositions win the appreciation of the public that I consider myself fully fulfilled. This is what is worth remembering of an artist and what is worth writing about him; that I am a man who lived for my art, for my songs, and for my public. This also will be recognised and appreciated by people. However, what speaks for the artist, the journalist, the writer, or the historian are his works. So, if I want to talk about Farid el-Atrache, I would present his songs, his compositions, and his music. That will speak for Farid el-Atrache."
Time to break out your shisha pipe, and find a bottle of your favorite drink;
then sit back and enjoy some of the Great One's taqsims from live concerts!